The War Diary of George Culpitt, Royal Welch Fusiliers

The Dragon of the Royal Welch Fusiliers

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Time Line

Below are a series of reference points where a particular date is mentioned. I have not included them all. The diary is written from the tiny notebooks my grandfather used actually in the trenches. I think he started with the best intentions to add as much interpretation as he could to the narrative. This intention rather peters out later on so the narrative becomes more diary like. follow the link to go to the particular spot in the diary


April 27th

April 30th

May 11th

June 11th

July 1st ( The First day of the Somme Offensive)

July 20th

November 11th

November 13th

Christmas Day


April 4th

Easter Sunday

April 14th

May 8th

July 13th

August 8th

Spetember 8th

September 27th

October 2nd

November 1st

November 10th

24th November

December 3rd

24th December


January 1st

January 27th

February 28th

April 15th

May 4th

June 3rd

July 1st

August 1st

August 26th